Five Recommended Graphic Design books

books design Mar 01, 2022

These are my recommended books for design thinking, design inspiration and branding. There are many books out there but these are ones I have read, seen and would endorse.

Non-designers design book - Robin Williams

No experience, no clue what goes where on a page? This is the perfect start for true beginners.

Buy it on Amazon for $30.49


Art of Looking Sideways - Alan Fletcher

Need some inspiration? This is a great way to start thinking differently and visually. It's a primer for visual intelligence. From the co-founder of Pentagram (one of the top agencies in the world.) It's a doorstep of a book. 

Buy it on Amazon for $79.05


A Smile in the Mind - Beryl McAlhone & David Stuart

Wit in graphic design. Visual communication at its most humorous this coffee table style book shows how design can make the world a smilier and happier place. 

Buy on Amazon for $49.95 



Brand Brilliance - Fiona Humberstone

The entrepreneurs brand bible, this will help you create your visual brand identity with examples of other businesses in this beautifully photographed book.

Buy on Amazon for $19.99


Layout Essentials - Beth Tondreau

Want to understand basic design structure? It all starts with the grid. This will help you see how to start great design layout from scratch. 

Buy on Amazon for $18.56