How to create an Instagram story graphic in Canva on your phone

canva social media Feb 02, 2022

Here's a nearly real time video of creating an Instagram story graphic in Canva on my phone.

How long does it take?

It takes a few minutes if you know what you want to create and know the app. But the app doesn't take long to understand. If you are a newbie to Canva, it's worth having a play around to see what you can do.

Can you use templates?

In the case above I didn't use a template, I started with one of my brand images as a background. Added text, changed its size, alignment, line spacing, colour, and placement. Then downloaded it to my phone, and used it in my Instagram story.

I have a few templates that I have created for my own brand style so I am not using the tempting new ones in Canva! So I use the same fonts, colours and photos that suit my brand and who I am talking to. 

Do I need a pro Account?

I do have a pro account in Canva, but you don't need one, you can easily create social media posts with a free account.

Do I need a computer?

You don't need a laptop to create graphics in Canva, so if you are on the go it's easy to just pull out your phone and create. You can also create on your computer first and then access your designs in the app on your phone. Great for batch creating or scheduling ahead of time. 

What is the advantage of a Canva pro account?

A pro account gives you access to extra elements, photos, templates, graphics etc. It also allows you to resize your graphics quickly. You also can save your own brand elements such as your fonts, colours and logos in your brand kit. Pro users can also organise their designs in folders and have a design team. For example I could quickly change the story graphic to a Facebook post, an Instagram post, or a Pinterest pin with a couple of clicks.

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(I also created the video above in Canva!)