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Discover how important a visual brand is, what the most important thing for your book cover is and how to talk to your publisher about your book cover.


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If you are talking with your publisher about your book cover or thinking about self-publishing your book, or just creating your author website - you'll find these talks invaluable.

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  • Learn how design affects the impact of your writing.
  • Listen to how important the professionals think a visual brand really is for an author or writer.
  • Discover what the publishing professionals think is the most important thing about your book cover.
  • Learn how to work with publishers on your book cover.
  • Hear how to deal with a book cover design you hate.
  • See how professionals design author brands and book covers.

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Featuring some of the most experienced designers & professionals in publishing in both the US and UK.

Laurent Collective

Patrick’s illustration and design work has been featured in the Bear Grylls Soul Fuel for Young Explorers book, She Reads Truth Bible, Bible Society UK, 40 Acts, and Barnabas Clothing Co. You can buy some of Laurent Collective’s greeting cards in Trader Joe’s in the United States. 

Ruth Roff

Ruth is Commissioning Editor for Hodder Faith Young Explorers who have published The Wingfeather Saga by Andrew Peterson and The Laugh and Grow Bible by Phil Vischer in the UK. She'll talk about working with authors and designers within a publishing house.

Brian Dixon

Brian Dixon believes you are here for a purpose. As a business coach, Brian is passionate about helping high potential leaders and teams thrive in a world of overwhelming options. He is author of the book, Start with Your People: The Daily Decision That Changes Everything. Published with Zondervan, his book cover design process was unusual.

Peter Jones

Peter Jones is the Ministry Director for Europe and the Middle East for Alpha International. He currently oversees Alpha in Prisons globally and has a Master’s degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice. He previously ran a design agency and worked for British Vogue. His book King of the Castle - the way out for Christian men with addictions is out now.

Karla Colahan

Karla believes in artistic alignment and intuitive design because your work should look and feel the way you want it to and reflect your own brand of magic back to you. She runs The Inspired Foundry, which offers brand design and creative support for dreamers, artists, and entrepreneurs.

Victoria Beech

Victoria Beech publishes and designs at God Venture which helps families explore faith together with mini-mags, books and an advent sticker calendar. She previously worked as a Commissioning Editor for Scripture Union.


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