Your message is important and it deserves a presentation of quality that captures attention. 

Imagine your inspiring content in a high-quality, beautifully laid out, image focused, magazine-style format that will sit on a coffee table instead of being swiped away.

Hi, I'm Abi.

Your message is important. 

Digital is easy and instant, but also distractable and fleeting.

Messages of quality deserve more attention in their presentation and in turn – from a reader.

Imagine an attention-keeping, offline, beautifully printed, journal-esque Instazine, worthy of the coffee table of your ideal reader so that they don't miss a thing.

Whether you need a one-off beautiful bookazine or a regular magazine by mail for your community, I can help. From a magazine style template to your specifications, to a full management service, see below for details.


1. Instazine Template 

For those who want to do it themselves.

  • Detailed consultation call.
  • An Indesign template set up to your specifications, including style sheets, colour palettes, master pages, libraries.
  • A tutorial on how to use the template in Indesign.
  • Support access.
Your Instazine templated.


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2. Instazine Designed

For those that know what they want. 

  • Detailed concept call.
  • Instazine managed from your concept. You provide written content, any brand elements, and high-res photos.
  • I provide design and layout in brand to your approval.
  • Print-ready and digital pdf for your supplier, or KDP upload, so no garage storing or distribution headaches.
Your Instazine made.

Two monthly payments of $2498

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3. Instazine Managed

For those who lack time.

  • Detailed concept consultation calls
  • I curate your content and customer journey from your Instagram, brand elements, emails, posts, and high-res photos etc for you.
  • Design, layout & image sourcing to your approval.
  • Print and/or digital distribution arranged of your beautifully branded Instazine. 
Your Instazine easily made.

Three monthly payments of $3332

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You CAN Publish A Magazine Course

You can with this self-study course. 

It will walk you through planning, creating and publishing your own magazine. 

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