Your message is important and it deserves a presentation of quality that captures attention. 

Imagine your inspiring content in a high-quality, beautifully laid out, image focused, magazine-style format that will sit on a coffee table instead of being swiped away.

Hi, I'm Abi.

Your message is important and worthy of beauty. 

Digital is easy and instant, but also distractable and fleeting.

Messages of quality deserve more attention in their presentation and in turn – from a reader.

The gift of words in print, through the door and in hands can level up your brand and keep the attention of your people.


What is an instazine?

Imagine an attention-keeping, offline, beautifully printed, journal-esque, publication worthy of the coffee table of your ideal reader, so that they don't miss a thing.

It's like your instagram, but in printed magazine-style form. Hence insta-zine.

Whether you need a one-off beautiful bookazine or a regular magazine by mail for your community, I can help. From a magazine style template to your specifications, to a full management service, see below for details.

But isn't print dead?

Retro, we know, but quality print will never die. We believe there is room for both digital and print in your offerings.

From the power of a member seeing their own words in print, to the accessibility of being able to write inside, interact with questions, prompts and message, an Instazine is a medium that your people need.

Print gives gravitas to words that digital can't compete with.

Why you and your readers need an instazine 

We are a visual generation

We don't just read words, we read photos, brands, icons, graphs, diagrams, colours and infer meaning from it all.

A print instazine can combine these for readers and learners in one place in their hands.


People are more likely to remember when they use their hands to write.

Your prompting questions in an instazine with space for answers can help your people remember and implement your message, path or promise of transformation.


We love stories

People love before and afters, they love stories of progression, transformation and even more - to see themselves in that place. They love to see their words in print to help or inspire others.

Your instazine can offer hope to your people and a place to see their own story in print.



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Imagine your flagship instazine
in your people's hands.

Your instazine designed, printed and mailed to your people's hands. What a gift for them! What a gift for you - engaged readers ready to take the next step.

Your people could be saying this too

 Laura Rizkallah

 "My mom says, “honey, publish your writing!” all the time.

My friend said, “Laura, your writing would be beautiful in this publication.”

And so.... this feels really big to me. It’s a reason to celebrate. I’m excited. I am honored. 

I was able to surprise my mom this year with a copy of this bookazine. And my name in it as a contributing author. 

You’re never too old to want your mom to be proud of you and celebrate life's wins with you! And as I would expect.... she was prouder than a peacock and shares it with everyone."


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