Your message is important and it deserves a presentation of quality that captures attention. 

Hi, I'm Abi.

Your message is important and worthy of beauty. 

Let's be honest, Microsoft Word just doesn't cut it for professional looking page layouts.

Messages of quality deserve presentation quality.


Page Layout Design

Typography, image selection, colour space, file formats, alignment, leading, ppi, text reflow. Once you start looking into page design for your book it can get overwhelming.

With over 20 years of book and magazine design experience I can save you time learning new technology and make your book look professional, so that your message increases in value.


Page design matters

We're a visual generation

We don't just read words, we read photos, brands, icons, graphs, diagrams, colours and infer meaning from it all.

There's science behind how we read a page, where our eyes travel, what typefaces convey, what feelings colours evoke, which elements are given most importance.

You want to make the most out of your page real estate without compromising on necessary white space.

Your options


Page templates in Canva

A bespoke set of page templates in Canva with font choices, colours, images and graphic elements.

From $397


Page templates in Indesign

A bespoke set of page templates in Indesign with text style sheets, colours, image library and graphic elements. You will need an Indesign subscription.

From $497


Upon design approval, your pages laid out for you and supplied as print ready or digital pdf files.

From $997


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