About Abi

About AbiĀ 

Imagining new possibilities and bringing them to life in words and images.Ā 


As a writer andĀ designer I've always had a passion for using both words and images to communicate well. Design that involves conceptualisation and consideration of form, function, and visual communication.

I've a passion for creating beautiful spaces thatĀ inspireĀ others, from the 'zines I made for friends and youth groups as a child to the website funnels and pages I've created recently.Ā 


Creating compelling web design and content
to represent the best of who you are.


Recently I've designed sales pages, website structures and funnels for Hope Media Network using and learning different platforms such as Clickfunnels and Go high level. Achieving webinar funnel certification in Clickfunnels. I trained in copywriting and utilised it so that writers and others working online could find encouraging communities.

Websites built include: hope*books, hope*writers, hopepreneurs, hope*podcasters and The Christian Entrepreneurs Conference Nashville 23, iola bookazine.


Building a digital presence for interesting people and causes.

I created the website for iola bookazine in both Kajabi and Wordpress, building an email list through lead magnet conversions and social media content. Regularly publishing content written by a team of international writers.


iola bookazine websiteĀ 

Built in Kajabi and Wordpress


International Mission to Jewish People Australian Website

Built in Squarespace

Software competencies

Making access to vital information and data effortless for those in need.


I wrote to encourage female friendships at Woman Alive Magazine.
I've written online to inspire action and gain customers through search optimisation, with articles from how to create a beautiful home for Just Fabrics or to find community at Hope Media Network.

Over the years I've designed book pages for publishers such as Oxford Psychologist's Press so that others could learn more about themselves. Informative leaflets for Oxfordshire County Council so that parents could find out more about Children's servicesĀ and advertisements for Just Fabrics, so that customers could make stylish curtains for their homes.Ā 



Mary Mahan Deatherage
MMD Creative

"Abi'sĀ course offers big returns in motivation and information. Abiā€™s years of experience as a designer and entrepreneur shine. Abi acts both as instructor and cheerleader while she walks you through fashioning a tool your audience will love."

Shay Mason - Author

"I couldnā€™t be happier with the book cover Abi designed.
She took my ideas to heart and perfectly captured my vision as well as the feel of the book... and she did it with the first design!

I've had many comments from people who picked up my book because they were captivated by the beautiful design. Abi helped make my dream a reality!ā€

Jenni Baden Howard - Writer

"It's a beautiful issue, my fave, so far!" (on iola bookazine Joy issue)